Project Date

Brawley Landfill Closure Project

Project Details

Rocks Biological Consulting performed a range of environmental services for this landfill relocation and closure project. The historic landfill was being eroded due to a change in the adjacent river course, so RBC assisted project engineers in landfill relocation planning, biological assessment and permitting, and restoration planning to prevent river impacts and additional erosion, and to allow safe final closure of the landfill. RBC performed a general biological survey and extensive wetland delineation per US Army Corps of Engineers protocol along the New River; prepared the project biological technical report in support of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation; coordinated with state and federal agencies regarding geotechnical stabilization and dewatering impacts to wetlands and Waters of the U.S.; prepared and received agency approval of the project restoration plan that focused on stabilizing river banks and restoring wildlife habitat along the river; prepared a burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) species exclusion plan that was approved by California Department of Fish and Wildlife; installed artificial owl burrows; and conducted successful passive burrowing owl relocation. We were thrilled that the project was recognized for its positive environmental planning and engineering in 2014.

Services provided:

Environmental Document Preparation and Permitting; USFWS/CDFW Protocol Surveys; Environmental Compliance; and Mitigation Planning and Implementation


Brawley, CA – Imperial County

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