Project Date

Carmel Mountain Vernal Pool Restoration

Project Details

San Diego vernal pools are home to many endemic plants and animals. Estimates that 95% of all vernal pool habitats have been lost in the County led to the listing of several species that depend upon vernal pools for their lifecycle. The 300-acre Carmel Mountain preserve is a city of San Diego MHPA preserve and supports vernal pool complexes that have been degraded from historic vehicle use. In order to sustain these habitats, a large-scale restoration effort is being undertaken by The Chaparral Lands Conservancy organization in coordination with the State of California. Degraded vernal pools were expanded, recontoured, or otherwise enhanced, new basins were created, and surrounding watersheds and wet meadows were restored. As part of this effort, Rocks Biological Consulting conducted baseline plant surveys, protocol fairy shrimp surveys, hydrological monitoring, invertebrate monitoring, and prepared annual monitoring reports for state granting agencies.

Services provided:

USFWS Protocol Surveys, Hydrogeomorphic (HGM) Vernal Pool Monitoring, Annual Grant Reporting


Carmel Mountain Open Space Park, San Diego

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