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Environmental Resources & Permitting Training

SoCal Environmental Resources Training (SERT) aims to provide valuable, one-of-a-kind, regionally-focused training for environmental professionals interested in learning more about aquatic resource regulations and associated permitting. Our team has spared no time, effort, or resources to create our workshop materials. We have been actively developing SERT since 2019, in close coordination with our extensive network of environmental professionals and federal and state regulators.

Our SERT webinars and workshops range from entry-level to “in-the-weeds” trainings on aquatic resource regulations and procedures and is the first of its kind in Southern California. Regulatory permitting can be complex and demanding – let us provide the information and tools to help you meet the challenge.

Topics will include:
• Regulatory Permitting Background And Basics  
• Permit Application Submittal Preparation  
• Compensatory Mitigation Requirements And Processes  
• Jurisdictional Delineations And Determinations  
• And Related Topics

Meet Your Trainer

Shanti Santulli, PWS

Our lead program instructor, Shanti Santulli, has over 15 years of focused work experience in southern California aquatic ecosystems and associated regulatory permitting, including eight years as a regulator with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). Currently, Shanti leads Rocks Bio's regulatory group as a regulatory subject matter expert specializing in regulatory permitting, jurisdictional delineations, and the preparation of associated reports and permitting application packages. She is (inexplicably) excited about all things regulatory, and greatly enjoys sharing her love and knowledge of the subject.

Upcoming Trainings

Our training will answer big picture questions and address your detail-specific problems as well. Create better outcomes for your clients with fewer mistakes, while you learn regulations, gain industry knowledge and build a more robust resume.

2022 SERT Aquatic Resources Permitting Webinars

These workshops are recommended for anyone interested in adding to their environmental regulations knowledge base, those starting out in the world of regulatory permitting, or anyone who may have jumped into permitting before developing a full understanding of the backbone behind it all.

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